Stack-o-Stuff ep. 318 – The State of the Nation

America continues to burn and every day we see more issues. The issues are all self-inflicted because of bad policy and intentional corruption from our elected officials. The COVID vaccines continue to kill, leftist lunatics continue to cover up for other lunatics killing innocents, and our elected officials are covering up that they ARE the problem.

Sources and much more stuff:

Insurance Industry Execs ‘Alarmed’ by Surge in Deaths Among Young People — But Stop Short of Blaming COVID Shots • Children’s Health Defense (

Nashville Trans Shooter Couldn’t Spell White Privilege, But Knew She Hated It | Frontpage Mag

BREAKING: Nashville mayor launches investigation into leak of trans Nashville shooter’s manifesto | The Post Millennial |

ABC CBS NBC Ignore Leaked Nashville Manifesto (

Weaponization panel details government collusion with universities to censor speech | Just The News

weaponization panel report.pdf (

Florida Boy, 14, Dies After Suffering Cardiac Arrest While Running a 5K (

Beastmode: Tuba Player From Texas Southern University Punches Fan Mid-Song, Doesn’t Skip a Beat (

UPDATE: Jewish Man, Paul Kessler (69), Dies After Hamas Supporter Allegedly Struck Him in the Head at Pro-Israel Rally, ‘Possible’ Hate Crime Investigation – RAIR (

Biden regime plans to use Hamas-backed groups to counter “Islamophobia” in America… – Revolver News

Home Depot Founder Calls Biden A “Dunce,” Says President Is A “Puppet” | ZeroHedge

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