Pfizer Suit – $1 Trillion… Working On It

But looking for big partners.

For nearly three years we have been subjected to lies, misinformation, corruption, and death and I am announcing it is time for accountability. Our federal bureaucracy is corrupt beyond words and the politicians are worse. Any legitimate scientist – that is not bought off – can see what has happened and any with ethics has been speaking out. Only the most corrupt or lazy members of the scientific community are still promoting the COVID narrative, and particularly, the vaccines.

As the died suddenly phenomenon continues to repeat in athletes such as Damar Hamlin and in many children, the idea that the mRNA gene therapy jabs posing as vaccines are either safe or effective is rightly crumbling. Unfortunately, this death and destruction is unnecessary. The simple fact is that prior to the release of these “vaccines” the FDA was already expecting the side effects that we are seeing (see the leaked FDA presentation from fall of 2020). Further, the post-authorization study Pfizer was required to perform and that was submitted to the FDA in early 2021 demonstrated that the issues these jabs were expected to cause were actually happening.

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Despite this information, our corrupt federal government, the bought-and-paid-for scientific community, and the “vaccine” manufacturers continued to promote the safe and effective lie. They even made statements about the need to be vaccinated to protect others while Pfizer itself has admitted they never tested whether the deathjabs would prevent transmission (they don’t). As if all this was not bad enough, more and more information has continued to come to light that Pfizer (and others) have conspired to cover up information related to the dangers and lack of efficacy of these poison shots.

It is my opinion that all of this points to willful action. Pfizer did not just put a dangerous product on the market, they put a dangerous product on the market and appear to have colluded with numerous public and private partners to cover up the possible injuries and death that could result from taking this product. Further, as if that were not enough, Pfizer then worked to ensure anyone speaking out about these jabs was censored. These affirmative actions certainly seem to demonstrate the willful nature of Pfizer’s actions.

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The PREP Act provides immunity to the death-jab manufacturers for the poison they created. This immunity is unacceptable and, I would argue, unconstitutional. That said, I do not need to argue the constitutionality of the PREP Act to file a suit here, I only need to demonstrate the willfulness that is difficult to argue did not occur. Beyond what I believe to be the willful nature of Pfizer’s actions, I also believe it to be clear that a number of anti-trust laws and consumer protection laws were violated by these actions.

All this leads me to the point. I have begun work on a lawsuit against Pfizer. I believe that, upon filing, the value of the lawsuit will approach or exceed $1 trillion dollars.

Generally speaking, I do not like announcing work on a lawsuit. The development of such a complex suit takes a LOT of time and many things can change. New information can shift legal theories or shed new light on the best approach. In this case I am making an exception due to my ethical analysis.

Every day that goes by more children (and adults) are accepting these poisons. I believe a vast majority of these poor souls will be faced with lifelong health problems, sterility, and possibly untimely death. As a lawyer with a small firm, I have no fear of filing such a case, but I also have very limited resources. This means that I estimate the development time to put this case out to be in the vicinity of a year. For me to sit on the case theory for a year so that I can make the money off of the case seems unethical while people are dying. As such, I am sharing and willing to share the details of my work with any firm I believe to be legitimately interested in pursuing a good case. I will also work with my partners, like MAFA, to facilitate additional support.

For the large firms with the capacity to get this case filed in a reasonable amount of time I ask, how much longer will you sit on the sidelines while friends, family, and loved ones continue to face health issues and die suddenly? The truth WILL continue to come out and as it does, I challenge you to ask yourselves, what side of history do you want to be on?

I will be talking about this more on my radio show today on the America Out Loud network at 6:00 PM eastern and briefly on my Renz Rant posted on Rumble and elsewhere. I pray for humanity, America, and our children.

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