Jansen Down – Pfizer & Moderna + Accountability to Go!

So here it is folks… the emergency is ending and the “EUAs” are starting to end. Getting this poison off of the market is a win but this is only one of the three poisons. Also, there is no accountability and mRNA is now being authorized for other vaccines which was always the plan despite its abysmal safety record. That said – here’s the letter:

Jansen is off the market. The last lots have expired and there is no demand. As a result Jansen will not update the death jab to accommodate “emerging variants” for a disease that was never dangerous except when it was used as an excuse to implement the hospital death protocols (see here for that).

Despite the fact that I would like to dance over the fact that the removal of this product from the market means fewer deaths and injuries for the more ignorant demographic segments of the American public (primarily leftists but I appreciate ALL human life), I feel it is necessary to point out some of the hidden gems of this letter that might otherwise be missed.

First of all, let’s note the reference to 21 USC 360bbb-3. That law is the law that governs emergency use authorization of drugs. It was the basis of one of our major pieces of litigation and that case was incredibly strong. Strong enough, in fact, that the government “coincidently” removed the vaccine mandates from our plaintiffs after the case was filed rendering the case moot rather than losing in court. While I cannot claim that case was the final blow to the mandates (I think the OSHA case was) I do believe that it began the cascade of cases that let to the OSHA case.


All that aside, that law was also the law most frequently violated during the pandemic by our government and the death jab manufacturers. You see, that law requires both informed consent and a risk/benefit analysis to allow an EUA product onto the market. As we have since seen, the risks of all these “vaccines” were covered up (here’s an older article I did talking about some of the things they covered up with the Pfizer jab), and so informed consent was not given. Further, the risk balancing test was not met. The jabs were known from the beginning not to prevent transmission and, in my opinion, there was never sufficient evidence that they did anything legitimate in terms of limiting the impact of the disease to argue they were effective at anything other than creating side effects (a month or two minor reduction in symptoms based on weak data hardly convinces me of anything).

In addition to the above issues, what precisely has changed that makes these “vaccines” unnecessary? Given that they did not impact transmission, that heard immunity was likely reached in 2021 through natural immunity and community transmission, and that the jabs actually make you MORE likely to get COVID, why is it that these WERE necessary but are not now? Given the number of jabbed people it would seem COVID should be a bigger risk now than it was right?

Could it simply be that this was corrupt from the beginning? Could it be that this whole thing was a fraud? Yep… I think it could.

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One last CRITICAL point. Did you notice the line that said, “… the last lots of the Jansen COVID-19 Vaccine purchased by the United States Government…”? This is the most important line of the letter. You see, the contracts for the vaccines were all written to say that the government was buying them and that the government could only distribute the vaccines under PREP Act Immunity. This means that the vaccine companies are immune from lawsuits under the PREP Act and the FDA included this line to reiterate that. The FDA knows that suing the federal government is nearly impossible, suing the DOD is even harder (they are the ones that bought these death jabs), and they want everyone to know they will stand up for the poison makers. This is a clear statement to try and head off any litigation for the massive number of deaths and injuries that have been sustained and that will continue to manifest in the coming years in people that took these jabs (I think I’ve found a legal work-around to this though and am working on suing these monsters).

Ultimately, this corruption is collapsing but they are not done. Pfizer and Moderna are still available and mRNA is being put in everything (including food) despite its disastrous showing. We MUST demand accountability. The media is trying to avoid talking about COVID now because they want us all to forget but we will NEVER forget and there WILL be accountability. With the WHO treaty on the horizon and all then upcoming pandemics from the continued gain of function work we are STILL allowing, letting this nightmare simply fade away is just not an option.


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