#GodWins – More Than a Hashtag… A Call to Action

I frequently make use of the hashtag #GodWins. As a Christian, I think it is a true statement and frankly beyond dispute but I also think it is misinterpreted in our movement and I want to fuss about that. While God does in fact win, it does not, by any means, mean that we should sit back and wait for it to happen.

Before I get to the God aspect of #GodWins I want to take a side trip down the Q path. Until recently I really had no idea what the Q phenomenon was about and, frankly, still only have a vague idea. A lot of people I know and respect frequently tell me about Q and provide information from this world to argue I should jump on the Q train. This train frequently includes discussion of some “plan” and that we should “trust the plan” because it is obviously working.

Let me be clear on a few things. First, I am quite hardcore on my position about evidence. Much like my namesake (doubting Thomas) I am inherently skeptical of everything and evidence has to be very solid before I really view it as evidence. That said, I have not spent the requisite time in the Q world to know whether the “evidence” of a “plan” or anything else Q related is valid or not.


Second, and far more importantly, I view the entirety of the “trust the plan” thought process in a very similar way to how I view #GodWins. Let me explain. To me #GodWins is beyond any doubt but his victory does not mean I sit around and wait for it to happen, nor does any potential “Q plan” or secret “Trump plan” mean I should sit back and “trust” it will work out. God demands my faithful support and anything the military, Trump, or anyone else wants to get done needs the same from #WeThePeople. If God wants his followers to fight for his will why would Trump or anyone else need less?

Honestly, I neither know nor do I care about any plan. I put my trust solely in God and, despite the fact that I know he wins, I know he’s asked me – his servant – to be prepared for the master’s arrival despite not knowing exactly when it will happen. He wants us to live every day in a way that makes us prepared for whatever he needs us to do. So I fight.

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Whether you “trust the plan” or stand behind #GodWins, if you truly believe that and want it to happen you should participate. I think a lot of my friends have been frustrated at different times that I don’t care about the “plan” but I don’t. If there are bigger and better people than me working on some secret plan (I have zero evidence that this is happening but I’m not an insider so who knows) then good. Let them work. It is still my duty as a citizen of this nation to #fightback against tyranny and I will fulfill that duty every day. #GodWins but if I want to be on the winning team I need to participate… and so I hope you will join me in continuing to fight for freedom.

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