Ivermectin Worked! Peer-Reviewed Study Finds 74% Reduction in Excess Deaths

The study delved into the effectiveness of Ivermectin in reducing excess COVID-19-related deaths across Peru’s 25 states in 2020.

The findings were staggering: states with the most intensive Ivermectin use observed a 74% average reduction in excess deaths within 30 days post-peak deaths.

When a subsequent Peru presidential administration limited Ivermectin use, there was a notable rise in the death rate. The correlation between Ivermectin use and decreased mortality seemed undeniable. Before Ivermectin use was restricted under the new president, Peru experienced a 14-fold reduction in nationwide excess deaths. However, this was followed by a 13-fold increase in the succeeding two months after Ivermectin’s restriction.

Similarly extraordinary results were also observed in Uttar Pradesh, India.

A program distributed home medication kits containing ivermectin to almost 98,000 people, resulting in a 97% decrease in the seven-day moving average of COVID-19 deaths.

Cumulative COVID-19 deaths per million from July 7, 2021, to April 1:

Uttar Pradesh: 4.3
All of India: 70.4
United States: 1,596.3

So this begs the question, why did the US not adopt this strategy?

“It’s simple,” answered Dr. Peterson Pierre. “Ivermectin is safe and effective, unlike those shots that they’ve been forcing on us, readily accessible, and the biggest roadblock of all, it’s cheap. Using that strategy would mean doing what’s best for everyone while giving up the power that comes from fear-mongering and untold billions of dollars from pushing experimental drugs.”

Video via @AFLDSorg (give them a follow). Ivermectin Worked! Peer-Reviewed Study Finds 74% Reduction in Excess Deaths

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