Dr. Peter McCullough Unveils Bad News for Recently-Vaccinated Individuals

“Something is wrong with the heart,” lamented Dr. McCullough. “We’ve seen record numbers of cardiac arrests in young people, athletes.”

A paper by Nakahara and colleagues revealed major concerns:

• The study found that almost all vaccinated individuals showed a metabolic shift in their heart from using free fatty acids to glucose as an energy source.

• Such a metabolic change could suggest cardiac dysfunction or disease.

• The observed changes in heart function persisted for up to six months post-vaccination.

“The implications of these findings are broad and uncertain, but the conclusion drawn is that almost no one who has recently been vaccinated has a normal heart,” remarked Dr. McCullough.

For those wary of spike protein shedding or the long-term effects of the shot, Dr. McCullough has recently published the first-ever spike protein detoxification protocol in a US medical journal, as summarized here:


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