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Tom Renz

Tom Renz is an Ohio-based attorney and founder of Renz Law, LLC, a law firm dedicated to serving justice with integrity. He is a leading voice in the fight for health freedom and has gained national attention for his work challenging pandemic-related policies and advocating for medical choice. Renz’s legal expertise and tireless advocacy have made him a respected figure in the truth-telling of American policy.

Through his legal work, Renz seeks to uphold these principles and empower individuals and communities to stand up for their rights and advocate for policies that promote freedom, transparency and constitutionality.

Attorney Tom Renz is just a regular American that decided to fight back against corruption. He is a patriot, freedom fighter, dad, husband, and Christian. Tom opened a small law practice with the intent of focusing local and watching his kids grow, but when the COVID lockdowns occurred, he realized the corruption in his country had gone too far and stepped up to fight back.

Since then, God has blessed him with a small but growing platform and he decided to launch this site to help fund the fight by providing links to patriot sponsors and patriot news outlets. Thank you for supporting us.


Make America Free Again

“I am an attorney; I go to court, write contracts, research and develop lawsuits, etc. I am a political commentator; I do the Tom Renz Show on America Out Loud Talk Radio and heard on the IHeart Radio Network, The Lawfare Show on Brighteon, and interviewed in many places regarding the knowledge I’ve acquired as an attorney and activist. I am a political activist; I educate lawmakers, work with the grassroots, and leverage my understanding of the laws and issues to advocate for freedom. And I am a businessman; I work to ensure I can fund lawsuits and activist work through any mechanism I can find, providing it can be done with honesty and integrity.”

Justice & Integrity

Tom Renz’s work as an attorney and advocate is focused on defending individual liberties and advocating for policies that promote informed decision making. He has gained national attention for his legal challenges to pandemic-related policies, including COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other restrictions on individual liberties. Through his work at Renz Law, LLC, Renz is empowering individuals and organizations to stand up for their rights and fight for the preservation of our constitutional freedoms.

Renz’s legal advocacy and community building efforts are aimed at promoting constitutional choice and defending our liberties, and he is dedicated to helping fight our way out of a corrupt system.


my promises

What I Will Fight For

Eternal Vigilance

Our founding fathers embodied the quote, "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance". America failed to pay that price for many years, but all hope is not lost.

Inalienable Rights

Tom promises to advocate for our God-given right of self-determination and believes if we stand together, we can restore our nation to its former glory.

Your Freedoms

Using his common core knowledge of the law, and through news, editorial insight, hope and guidance, Tom promises to educate, advocate and fight for freedom.

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