Defender of Freedom.

Tom Renz is a prominent American Attorney, Political Commentator, Educator, Advocate, Businessman & Patriot. Tom has gained national attention for his work challenging pandemic-related policies and vaccine mandates, and advocating for individual liberties, medical freedom, and informed choice. Renz's legal expertise and relentless advocacy have established him as a leading voice in the fight for our Freedoms.

Tom's Newest 404 Series Book is

Serving Justice With Integrity

Tom Renz

Attorney Tom Renz is just a regular American that decided to fight back against corruption. He is a patriot, freedom fighter, dad, husband, and Christian. Tom opened a small law practice with the intent of focusing local and watching his kids grow, but when the COVID lockdowns occurred, he realized the corruption in his country had gone too far and stepped up to fight back.

Since then God has blessed him with a small but growing platform and he decided to launch this site to help fund the fight by providing links to patriot sponsors and patriot news outlets.

Thank you for standing with us.

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